Favorite products + tools that I personally use and recommend.

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Ayurvedic Tools

The kansa wand is a facial massage tool that predates the gua sha. Similar to a gua sha, it massages the tissues of the face to ease muscles and support healthy aging. It features a smooth domed cap made of bronze, and said to aid in detoxification.

Neem is known for its antimicrobial properties that are supportive to scalp health. This comb helps to more evenly distribute the natural oils of the scalp, to the hair shaft, more effectively than a plastic comb. It is eco-friendly and looks beautiful on your bath counter! The natural neem wood scent is an added bonus.

Made from medical grade 100% stainless steel, so its non-toxic and will not rust or mold. Use this as part of your oral care routine to remove the buildup of 'ama' - or toxins, in Ayurveda - on the tongue. Supports health, especially oral health and freshens breath.

Made with 100% sisal cactus bristles, making it vegan friendly. Use before showering to help exfoliate, and increase circulation of the lymphatic system for glowing skin.

Nutritional Support

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This multi-vitamin is meant to 'complement' an already nutrient-rich whole-food plant-based diet. So it is simply the essentials of what you need from a nutrient standpoint, and none of what you don't. You can be confident that you are meeting your supplement needs with these capsules.

Your own collagen is the best collagen, which is why I love Future Kind's advanced plant-powered collagen booster, which harnesses 16 natural collagen boosting nutrients including silica, biotin, grape-seed extract, zinc, vitamin A & E and antioxidant-packed ayurvedic super berry amla!

High in antioxidants and vitamin C, add this powder to smoothies and bowls to support healthy aging.

Business Tools

Female-owned all-in-one business software company that is hands-down the best, most comprehensive and affordable on the market. What makes them shine are their gorgeous design templates that come free of charge with the software subscription, making it truly a business-in-a-box solution.

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Alternative Balance covers more than 500 industry types

so no matter what your business(es) are, you are covered. Member benefits include access to a business document template suite, ebooks on business marketing, and special member discounts.

A Guide to Legal Wellness

For yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs, alike. Includes an appendix with forms and templates. This easy read book will empower you and give you confidence around the legal matters of running a wellness business, without the heavy legal fees.


Become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in this self-paced program. Learn about the evidence supporting a whole-food plant-based diet, as well as how to coach individuals around nutrition. Your enrollment includes business resources, including forms and templates.